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Worship MasterKlass was a blast💥

Musicians, Dancers, singers from USA, Finland,Sweden,Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Gambia and others converge at the International MASTERKLASS 3.0 to share knowledge, learn and grow together. It was such an amazement as facilitators from different nations shared from the wealth of their musical experience and participants curiously asking mindblowonf questions and learning actively.
It was hard to end it as we had the electrifying dancers from Uganda doing their dance. So much talents were present

A lot of the time what makes the musician and singer goes beyond talent and
It’s ours vision as Doible d Worship Int’l to create a platform where singers, musicians can network, get visible and learn more about the Art and * Heart* of the music ministry

I’m glad MASTERKLASS 3.0 was a huge success and we are just starting. By the way different countries already extending invitations to us to come host another MASTERKLASS in their nation.

We do hope to do more soon as you.
Join us in the

#21days VokalDrillchallenge with kalusian

Enjoy the video!

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